Jill & Colleen

Learning Languages

After experiencing “Italian for Survivors” in a high school in Perugia, Italy, Jill realizes that our students back here in the US do not have much exposure to other languages. Even students who study Spanish for their whole lives have not had enough language hours to have conversational Spanish when abroad. We discuss passion for…

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Data walls for curriculum development

In many schools data walls are used to show student progress and achievement. In this episode Colleen and Jill explore the idea of using data walls to show alignment of curriculum standards to help teachers plan instruction. Also discussed is the importance of connecting topics taught in different subject areas for depth of learning and…

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Letters to Saints

Have you ever been surprised by a saint? In this episode we discuss St. Anthony of Padua and Blessed Carlo. Those who pray for their intercessions drop them notes in Churches. Teachers can do the same, dropping letters in the mail to these places of worship.

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