Catholic Teachers' Lounge

Welcome to the Catholic Teachers’ Lounge – the only podcast by Catholic school teachers, for Catholic school teachers! Each episode of Catholic Teachers’ Lounge features ideas for your classroom that we gather from all over the country. It’s a great way to exchange ideas and affirm your efforts! New episodes drop three days a week during the school year!

Most recent episodes

Board Shorts

Engagement ramps up when students can work through learning lessons in front of the class, but challenges abound making room for all kids at...

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What Matters is Team

Collective teacher efficacy is the technical term for how to get farther, faster by working together, supporting each other, and believing in common outcomes....

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What Matters is You

Teaching is isolating by design, but research shows one of the strongest indicators of effective learning is a teacher’s self-confidence. This expands exponentially when...

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Group Think

When was the last time you asked others for advice when facing a tough challenge? It’s hard enough to admit you have a problem...

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Conversation Starters

Whether teaching religion or navigating a dinner table discussion, engaging kids to share their thoughts and feelings is a challenge for everyone. The universal...

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Personalized Prayers

Making personal connections with students is a natural and powerful aspect of Catholic education. Hear more about how one teacher made a spiritual connection...

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