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Test Anxiety

What if students had five minutes to talk about the test between handing it out and starting to answer questions? How do we help students reduce tension and settle...

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Leadership Conflict

Public prayer can be intimidating for some teachers — especially when doing so one on one with parents instead of leading children in memorized prayers — but mandated faith...

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ESport Exploration

E-Sports is gaining traction from college down to grade school. Strategy, teamwork, and communication can boost camaraderie and life experience for students, but it also increases screen time and...

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Teachers as Students

When we open our minds and hearts, there is much to learn from the students we serve. We believe in their growth and can be pleasantly surprised by their...

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Solidarity & Witness

Prayer can be a unifying experience for teachers and staff when facilitated in a personal and flexible fashion because teachers have challenges too. Prayer can help bridge gaps and...

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Chronic Absenteeism

Over communication is critical, but maintaining a sense of privacy for the child is important as well. When it comes to juggling mental health challenges, what does success look...

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Vacation vs. vocation

Exploring the reach of parents as primary educator of the child when parents excuse their kids from school for vacation. Whose responsibility is it to keep the students up...

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Teaching with AI

Artificial Intelligence can create classroom havoc or magic solutions. On the positive side, it can feed the planning process with ideas and suggestions. But as with any new technology,...

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