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Action and Expression

In addition to presenting content to students, there are many flexible ways to allow students to present the content back to the teacher. Opening the door to adaptive technology...

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Mindset of Universal Design

Universal Design is not a methodology, but instead it is a mindset or awareness. Many teachers are practicing it in some forms. Representation is a great example, as teachers...

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Engaging Students

Student engagement is the holy grail of every classroom. Historically, differentiation was identified as the path to successfully connecting with every child, but this is not sustainable for even...

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Crying Over Homework

“This shouldn’t be so hard.” “This shouldn’t take so long.” But it’s never really about the homework. Stress, feeling tired and overwhelmed, clunky technology or whatever the real reason,...

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Trials and Tribulations

Engaging kids in mock trials of real issues to explore empathy, understanding and facts is a great way to bring the classroom to life. Hear more about one theology...

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Wow Factor

Teaching the youngest of our schools can bring out the best and worst of all of us, but it serves as a microcosm of teaching at any grade. Hear...

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Lenten Anticipation

The Ball of Red String is a delightfully easy read for young kids, but as we enter the Lenten journey, it can lead to many deeper insights and questions...

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Geek to Geek

How to share your excitement about a new idea, thought, book or approach without it being dismissed as the “flavor of the week” because everyone is busy and overworked?...

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