The Classroom of Noah’s Ark

Every teacher has a unique, go-to lesson or activity to capture the imagination of their students and many times it can involve animals or insects. Tapping into God’s creations can be a powerful lesson about life, death and the environment we all need to share, but it can also lead to funny and unpredictable experiences…

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

As seen in the classic movie, bonding and personal growth will happen no matter the extent of challenges and chaos experienced during class trips. Whether it is a nature trip, a pilgrimage, a service trip or even a weekend adventure, there is a real benefit for young people when they are literally removed from their…

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School Garden

Innovative electives, such as gardening class, bring a skillset to students through curriculum they wouldn’t otherwise experience. Shout out to school leaders who let teachers take on these creative ideas. The Catholic Teachers’ Lounge podcast is sponsored by Loyola Press. Visit us at

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