Catholic Schools Week with Mary Pat Donoghue

With a heart for teaching, Mary Pat Donoghue has run the gamut of supporting Catholic schools as a teacher, administrator and consultant. Now, she serves as the Executive Director of the Secretariat of Catholic Education for the USCCB — acting as the bridge between the bishops and the schools.

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Catholic Schools Week with Kevin Baxter

How wonderful that a former middle school teacher is now forming and inspiring future school principals? This is what the Catholic Teachers Lounge is all about with special guest Kevin Baxter, Director of the Remick Leadership Program at University of Notre Dame.

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Catholic Schools Week with Elizabeth D’Aurora

Every school has a trusted teacher that everyone looks up to no matter what grade they teach. Today’s guest, Elizabeth D’Aurora, a 3rd grade teacher from Parnell Michigan, is one of those teachers for her school as well as listeners of the Catholic Teachers Lounge podcast thanks to her regular contributions!

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