School Culture

Crying Over Homework

“This shouldn’t be so hard.” “This shouldn’t take so long.” But it’s never really about the homework. Stress, feeling tired and overwhelmed, clunky technology or whatever the real reason, calls for special grace for all involved.

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Geek to Geek

How to share your excitement about a new idea, thought, book or approach without it being dismissed as the “flavor of the week” because everyone is busy and overworked? What role do you play — the idea generator, the wet blanket, the listener or the collaborator?

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Christmas Duties

We do our best to stay focused on the real reason for the season, but the reality is teachers are the ones who have to juggle the challenges of excited students, overwhelming schedules, extra events and stressed out parents and families. Special shout out to teachers who make it all happen and still keep their…

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