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Welcome to the Catholic Teachers’ Lounge – the only podcast by Catholic school teachers, for Catholic school teachers! Each episode of Catholic Teachers’ Lounge features ideas for your classroom that we gather from all over the country. It’s a great way to exchange ideas and affirm your efforts! New episodes drop three days a week during the school year!

Most recent episodes

Public Displays

Catholic schools uniquely provide opportunities for public engagement, whether it is participation at Mass, presentations in class, or even activities in front of the...

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Opposites Attract

By design, it can be helpful to embrace our differences as teammates as well as teachers to play to our strengths across curriculum and...

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Reward System

Reinforcing good behavior is the key to child development. Explore the long term impact of currency or other rewards on motivating students.

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Lessons Learned

The pandemic forced us to rethink the process of teaching and we have a great opportunity to continue experimenting with new models. What needs...

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Welcome Wagon

How does your school culture reflect radical welcoming? Do you have an official onboarding plan? Are students and families welcomed naturally by all?

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Portfolio Precision

Testing for student progress can take many forms, but a great tool for assessing skill development over the course of the year is portfolio...

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