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Welcome to the Catholic Teachers’ Lounge – the only podcast by Catholic school teachers, for Catholic school teachers! Each episode of Catholic Teachers’ Lounge features ideas for your classroom that we gather from all over the country. It’s a great way to exchange ideas and affirm your efforts! New episodes drop three days a week during the school year!

Most recent episodes

Ripple Effect

Catholic Teachers Lounge ideas are making their way into new classrooms as concepts are shared and multiplied. Check out some of the fun success...

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Common Language

Leveraging the concepts of Universal Design in test design, homework assignments and general classroom communication. The Catholic Teachers’ Lounge podcast is sponsored by Loyola Press. Visit...

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Shepherding Young Perspectives

Advent is the perfect season to wax nostalgia in the classroom while embracing the simple, guiding themes of new life and family love. What...

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Small Wins

Teaching is rewarding, but comes with plenty of frustrations. Embracing the every day little things can bring much needed bursts of joy and gratitude....

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Making a list, checking it twice

Collaboration and cooperation is key to success in every school environment. Who deserves a special thank you in this season of gratitude? The Catholic Teachers’...

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Cultivating Fruits of Faith

Faith development is never a linear experience. Art, Spanish and religion teacher Kim Paton prompted creative and innovative thoughts with her unique art challenge...

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