Focus on prayer

Lenten Anticipation

The Ball of Red String is a delightfully easy read for young kids, but as we enter the Lenten journey, it can lead to many deeper insights and questions for every child and family member. Jill and Colleen follow the string… Find out more about The Ball of Red String (along with activities for the…

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From Classroom to Home

It’s empowering to know when classroom experiences get replicated at home, especially when related to faith. Classroom prayer tables are a great example of an idea that finds its way to students’ homes — in bedrooms, living rooms or any special place for kids and parents to grow in faith together. The Catholic Teachers’ Lounge podcast is…

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Faith-based Connections

Catholic schools are unique in their ability to build common connections through faith. Traditions and prayer experiences allow students (and teachers!) to share in vulnerability, hope and values, bringing everyone together in our faith routines. The Catholic Teachers’ Lounge podcast is sponsored by Loyola Press. Visit us at

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