Jill & Colleen

Student Surprises

As the adult in the room and subject matter experts, it’s easy to make teaching all about the teacher, but students surprise us every day with their insights, gifts and talents. Finding ways to connect with every student — even the tough ones — can open the door to not only inspiration, but lifelong impact…

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The Classroom of Noah’s Ark

Every teacher has a unique, go-to lesson or activity to capture the imagination of their students and many times it can involve animals or insects. Tapping into God’s creations can be a powerful lesson about life, death and the environment we all need to share, but it can also lead to funny and unpredictable experiences…

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Group Think

Assigning group work can be a recipe for disaster no matter the age of the kids. However, disciplined assignment of roles and responsibilities can successfully help students navigate this critical, real world skill set.

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