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Veterans Day

What does the Catechism of the Catholic Church say about patriotism? How can we best honor veterans in our Catholic schools? This episode honors the stance of the Church...

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Student-led Fundraising

Fundraising is a necessity for Catholic high schools, but the duties of fundraising can be shared among staff and students. In this episode, Jill shares a recent fundraising victory...

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College Applications

Applying for colleges today is so different than when we went to college! This episode shares insights from a college counselor on the current reality of applying for colleges...

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Inner Kindergartner

Everything you learned about teaching, you learned in Kindergarten. Explicit instructions, patience, manners and more. Channel your inner Kindergartner and bring your teaching to the next level.

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Maximizing Instruction Time

Arriving early, leaving late — what is your preparation routine to make the most of classroom instructional time while maintaining a reasonable personal balance of work and home life?

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Life Skills

From handshakes to interview questions and communications skills to leadership opportunities, there are many ways to prepare students for the real world, no matter the grade level. How to...

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Blame Game

It’s easy to blame the pandemic for every current classroom challenge, but the reality is most of these challenges have been present for a long time. Becoming more deliberate...

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Student Surprises

As the adult in the room and subject matter experts, it’s easy to make teaching all about the teacher, but students surprise us every day with their insights, gifts...

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